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Pellet Stove Pro is the creation of pellet stove repairman extraordinaire Jason Munson.

Jason Munson started his career as a humble service technician in his hometown of Placerville, California in the late 1990's.  For over a decade he was the guy who would show up at your house and fix your Pellet Stove, Gas Stove, Hot Tub and Swimming pool.  

In 2006 Jason started leveraging his tech support knowledge into the online world by selling parts on eBay and offering free technical support to all his customers through email or over the phone.  As Pellet Stove Pro grew, it became impossible to personally take all the phone calls that were coming in so Jason started providing support through email only.

But then, in 2019, through a stroke of brilliance,  Jason realized that he couldn't help everyone over the phone, but he could help a few, so he created, a membership access website where a limited number of subscribers can have access to Jason via phone or text message.  Email support remains a free option for everyone and for anyone who wants a little more hands on support, they can become a member.

As the membership grows Pellet Stove Pro will be hiring more technicians who can handle over the phone and text message support.  

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South Lake Tahoe, Ca.

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